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keystone-Oil-Pipeline_and_ MLPs

MLP ETFs Soar As Advisor Struggles with Conscience

Looking to boost the income yield on your portfolio and reduce inflation risks?  MLPs and MLP ETFs may be the answer.  But as MLP ETFs soar, this advisor struggles with his conscience. What's the big deal? Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs as

Retirement Paycheck

Be Like Harvard and Create Your Retirement Paycheck

 Got enough money for retirement?  Do you know how you'll create your retirement paycheck? How do you turn that 401(k) or IRA into a sustainable stream of income? Now's the time to go back to school and learn a lesson or two from the Big Boys and be

Worlds Best Investor Button

Retirees: Your Asset Allocation Should Be More Tactical

Amid the ruins of the last market meltdown of 2008-2009, you'll find the finance theory of Asset Allocation and the idea that all an investor needs to do is 'Buy and Hold.' As good and practical as that advice is, it was awfully hard to avoid the

Getting Cash Back from Stocks with Dividends

Dividend ETF Roundup: 2013 Review of Best and Worst

Looking for some free money?  I don't have any but I do think I have the next best thing: Dividend ETFs. 2013 has been another year where paltry rates on fixed-income investments have motivated investors to seek out alternatives.  Many have

QE2 Safe in Harbor at Trieste

End of QE Part 2: Weathering the Storm

Like any great voyage, eventually it comes to an end and you have to move on to what's next.  Quantitative easing also known as QE2 is Fed-speak for the Central Bank's program of injecting liquidity into the economy by buying up mortgage bonds to the

QE2 Comes Into New York

The End of QE: How to Protect Your Portfolio from Higher Interest Rates

The end of QE is here so how do you as an investor protect your portfolio from higher interest rates? Is your Quantitative Easing ship going to come into a safe harbor or are stormy seas ahead? Consumers are undeniably feeling modestly better

Mutual Fund Word Cloud

Your ABCs of Investing – What’s a No Load Mutual Fund

I recently received this "loaded" question from a young investor.  Going back to basics every now and then is helpful for all of us. When investing in a mutual fund, know your ABCs. A 'load' refers to the commission structure for a particular mutual

Global Trade

Weak US Dollar Impact for Investors

What does a weak US dollar imply for our economy and how should investors position themselves?  Weak is a relative term when it comes to the economy.  Reading the tea leaves can provide some insight about what to expect in the near term and how

crystal ball index

Debt Ceiling Crisis: What Investors Should Do

Investment Forecast: Cloudy with chance of default and variable recession.  Trying to read the tea leaves and make prudent investment decisions for clients - or yourself - has been complicated by the headwinds out of Washington lately.  The debt

Jack O Lantern

Default and Your Money – Forecasting the End

  October is a tough month for investments.  History has not been kind to investors in this month of Tricks or Treats.  And depending on how things play out in the halls of Congress over the next dozen hours, the world financial markets and US

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